Day 94: Good job, Mommy!

Photo: Shem Pablo

That line came as a surprise.

Over the weekend, as I was going through the AMS Facebook page, I suddenly blurted out, “Woo-hoo 372, awesome!” I didn’t know I have a very attentive audience. I didn’t know somebody was really paying attention to what I was doing – or saying.

So, with that came my daughter walking  towards me.

Unaware of her plans, I continued to smile. Then, she got closer! When she was close to where I was seated, she gave me a nice pat on the back and said, “Good job, Mommy! Good job!”

I would not second guess whether she really knows what I was cheering for, but I was pretty sure that she understood why I was excited. She can feel emotions and tries to stand by those. As young as she is, she knows how to appreciate and to support what means a lot to me.

When she said that line to me, I suddenly felt ecstatic and well-appreciated! I could not express my gratitude towards her for saying such a meaningful phrase to me! It was undescribable! It was like winning the lottery by $50 – not too much to make you rich but good enough to feel good about yourself!

But what really moved me was the mere fact that she appreciated me; that she told me I’ve done a good job. That, she displayed courage and willingness to unselfishly value what I did – and also, to say it right in my face!

Saying that line, requires courage.

In fact, when was the last time you heard a “Good job!” phrase as an approval of what you’ve done?


When was the last time you said “Good job!” to someone?

Didn’t it require courage and sincerity?

Did it make you feel good about yourself? Maybe even made you feel more confident?

“Good job, Mommy!” or “Good job, Sammy!”

Is not just a line of appreciation but of respect, care and love that resonates the sum of smaller actions that impact somebody else’s day!

I truly wish I could be like her: always ready to chronicle good deeds without missing the praise that should go with it.

If  you know someone, who has done a great job to you, with you or for you – tell her/him: “Good job! Keep it up!”

And if you receive such compliment, make sure that you continue the cycle by recognizing somebody’s effort!

With that I will end this post by saying:

“Great job, everyone!” for continuing the cycle of inspiration.

Daily with you,

– Alpha

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