Day 93: The Old-Fashioned Politics

Photo: Shem Pablo

Yesterday there were two things going on for two different politicians:

In the Philippines, the young politician John Patrick Agustin was swamped with calls, demands and needs to deliver prompt help to families who were affected by the typhoon and the flash flooding in Camiling, Tarlac. He was busy responding to his townspeople’s plea. They needed him and his support. And he was there for them. He communicates with them. He is savvy to use instant messaging and live streaming from social networking sites. He does not stop or isn’t stopping, unless he is certain that his townspeople are being served and saved from the damage of the flood. (My heart and my prayers go out for them, too! God bless Camilenos!)

Now, the other politician from Quincy, Massachusetts is also busy.

While we were busy doing our chores yesterday, my husband mowing the lawn and I, with the laundry – Brian McNamee the current Ward 6 Councilor was clad in jeans and in a red polo shirt walking around the neighborhood. I saw him from our window talking to our neighbor a few minutes earlier then, I heard the whirring of the lawnmower stopped.

My husband discontinued his chore and came inside to give me a flyer that states some of the accomplishments of Mr. McNamee. At this point, I saw what Brian McNamee was doing and I thought that was pretty clever!

Instead of using his campaign money – he was going around door-to-door to all the houses in the neighborhood and talking to them.

Instead of being unpretentious – he was ordinarily clad in blue jeans and a red polo shirt and sneakers.

Instead of being surrounded by his entourage or a body guard – he was handing out the flyers on his own to everybody in the neighborhood.

Instead of sporting the Escalade (which most politicos are seen around driving) – he was walking from one house to the other.

Instead of standing at a street corner with a sign that screams “Vote for me!”- he was standing on the porches of the people asking them to vote for him.

Now, will we vote for him after being able to talk unhurriedly with him about his plans and how he still remember the time I called to complain about a trash collector who was very confrontational to me? 


So long as the politician (young or veteran) gets to touch and be in the front row of the public service, we will support them!

Then, of course – it was back to our designated chores.

Daily with you,

– Alpha

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