Day 92: A Celebratory Credo for the Broken-Hearted

Photo by: Joana Martin

You’ve got a long way to go, girl! You’ve lost some weight, cried many times at night or even at work. You’ve been totally taken by this event in your life! You’ve changed your mindset,  but it is still on your mind. You’ve told your friends you are already moving on, but deep inside you are still fragile. You’ve proclaimed that it was over but when you are alone, you know it isn’t.

The memories are still fresh and it hurts you when you hear your music  on the radio. The wounds of the past are still raw and it is keeping you from looking ahead. You said you are healed, but until you’ve totally embraced what has happened and accept the change, you know it will forever scar you.

But don’t let the scars of the past pull  you back – let them be your armor for your own success.

Let them be your guide on what could be ahead of you. There will be more failures, more tears and more disappointments to accept. But you will be able to accept them more willingly, because you’ve been there!

Let this eventful stage of your life be your courage and your strength to see the bigger picture in your life.

Be thankful that he left you – he has given you the chance to see life from a different perspective.

Be happy that he has found another one – this means an opportunity for you to find a better person than him.

Be proud that he walked away from you and your memories together – he has taught you to be more resilient about relationships and life.

Be mindful of every single step that he has taken because from these, you will become wiser and decisive for your own future.

Girl, stand up and say you’re beautiful – don’t let your EX sabotage your future!


Take control – I know you can do it!

Daily with you,

– Alpha

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