Wednesdays with Buena: Stuck

Photo: Shem Pablo

Dear Stuck,

Have you ever felt that way—caught, trapped, stranded, immovable? Stuck?

Well, listen to this.

Today, it is raining heavy and wind is whipping hard here in the Philippines.

Most classes and office works are suspended due to the floods.

In many areas are people braving the weather trying to save what they can from homes they might never see again in its usual comfortable form.

In other locations, some heads are set on the radio and television, saddened by the news of devastations and try their might to give words of comfort through calls or donations.

I’ve seen people in black umbrellas by the road, undeterred by the storm to bring their departed to its fateful rest.

Others just simply sit back, relax and enjoy Facebook.

Some still go out to work—no worries of getting wet and cold, because it’s double pay.

A wife has begged her husband to stay home safe, saying money can wait for tomorrow’s sunny day.

Children cram themselves together by the foot of the early Christmas tree and ask to be read or told their classic stories by grand mom.

A teacher suddenly decides to put down her paper works, and sits down to visit her life’s photographs.

A supervisor finally stops calling on his staff to report to office and realizes lending them today to their homes.

The cats and dogs warm themselves by the doormat, to watch with the families they serve- this time eyes on the television and not just on the burglars.

Someone out there right now is thankful enough because her exam is today, but she hasn’t reviewed yet because she is responsible for her siblings, now that both parents are abroad and bad weather has come.

Somebody reading this may just be as full of suppressed emotion and wanted to do- and thinks, maybe today is the time.

There are things in this world that we cannot control—one day, a circumstance may just stop us from what we routinely do.

It may be a bad weather, a suspended appointment, or an unapproved plan.

Yes, often times, when we are taken out of our daily busyness, or taken off from our preparations of the future, we feel bad and feel stuck. We say, “what now?!”

We curse what’s stopped us, but haven’t we seen?—Oftentimes, it came to save us from what we’ve been missing preciously in life.

Maybe it’s just telling us we’ve been into our daily businesses so closely and neglected mother earth.

Maybe we’ve been too caught in our daily choice of errands, and we need some time to get back to our families, forgotten friends and relatives, or even our faithful pets.

Maybe it’s a day off from the stressful world, and get relaxed.

Maybe it’s just about time to care, to be passionate, or simply be at peace and faithful amidst life’s storm, or by life’s surprise stopovers.

Maybe it’s a time for humankind (not things) that should be treasures in our heart.

Maybe we can remember to give hope, faith and true love.

I hope we don’t feel stuck when such moments come, as if the world has stopped.

I hope we appreciate stopping awhile, and learn to do something different out of love.

I hope stopping doesn’t stop you from becoming a more beautiful person you are.




About the Writer: Buena wrote this in the midst of the storm. As most Filipinos who were affected by the typhoon, she knows what to do in times like this. She picks up her computer then types away. She thinks, then writes, then reflects. Sometimes, this is exactly what we need in order to decompress.

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