Day 90: Me? Great? Huh?

Photo: Shem Pablo

Oh, please -stop it! Don’t play dumb – I know you heard it and you know it, too!

Yes – please stop ignoring what you’ve heard! You know what I just said:


You’ve done very well! You’ve persisted, now you are reaping what you sow.

You have worked so hard to get to where you are now and look, everybody is praising you! Everybody loves you and the work you do. You are honest, you are smart, you are caring,  you are thoughtful, you are beautiful, you are generous, you are sincere, you are lovable! That is why, people around you are telling you how great you are! People around you are grateful for knowing you and the talents you have.

But, what are you doing?

Wait – don’t walk away from these people’s comments.

Say something.

Say something nice in return.

Don’t be meek. Don’t be shy.

Accept it.

Take the fact that you are great and that you are talented!

Take every nice word that people around say about you, then tell them:

“Thank you for appreciating my work! I am glad you like it!”

Then, of course… you can smile!

Daily with you,

– Alpha

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