Day 88: Don’t Sigh…

Photo: Shem Pablo

In twenty-hours, how often do you sigh?

When you sigh, does that usually come before you start muttering under your breath about work?

Does that deep breath, a real deep-breathing or is a sigh?

Is your sigh accompanied with a pout?

Did you just sigh?

Why do you have to sigh? and then sigh again?

Does it really help?



Often I see people sighing as an end to a problem. People sigh when they do not know what to say or if they are caught up for words. They sigh, because they do not know what else to do or how to respond properly, thus a sigh is a quick answer to make. Sighing is easy – one empty, purposeless exhalation.


Sighing does not solve anything.

Sighing does not help.

It just avoids the problem.

It does not fix it.


Here is what I say:

Don’t sigh…instead, SMILE!



In twenty-four hours, how often do you smile?

Which one weighs more…the smile or the sigh?


Daily with you,

– Alpha

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