Day 87: Are you a turtle or a frog?

Photo: Michaela Cruz-Ungos (Teacher Mica)


I certainly know who I  might be at times between the two animals. But, I won’t tell you, yet. I want you to figure out, who you might be at times.

Let us begin with this story:

One hot day, in a great shallow pond there happens to be two animals wading (or trying to): a turtle and a frog. The turtle, who is always very slow in his actions is trying to dip his tiny claws into the water. The frog about a few steps away from him saw him and started laughing.

“Hey, you! What are you trying to do? Why don’t you just crawl all the way down, instead of taking your time to get into the water?” croaked the frog to the turtle.


The turtle, slow in his response and actions can not come up with a quick and wise response but managed to say, “Well…”


“Really? That’s all that you can say! How about speeding up you pace and just jumping off the pond? Besides are you forgetting that you can swim? Come on, turtle – you may be slow but I know you have something inside your shell!” yelled the frog.


The turtle still trying to figure out his next two steps to get closer into the water, he purposely ignored the frog. He kept his focus on the water. He continued to be quiet and unresponsive to the frog. He wanted so bad to feel refreshed and savor the feel of the pond – that dividing his attention between the pond and the frog might seem too big of a task for him.


But the frog was such a busy-body! He also doesn’t want to stop from making his sarcastic comments to the turtle. So, in his attempt to get into the face of the turtle and annoy him one more time, he jumps as far as he can towards the turtle, while opening his mouth to say some nasty comments about the turtle. But as he tries to do that, the frog slipped into the muddy part of the pond, filling his mouth with muck, it almost clogged his veins!


Meanwhile, as these are happening, the turtle has finally settled on the best and finest rock on the pond enjoying the view of the sun. He looked to the angle from where the frog was stuck – but all he could see is a brown and muddy creature wriggling.


He thought to himself, “I wonder if that was the frog who kept on croaking earlier…oh, well…such is life!”


Then, the turtle continued to bask under the sun!


WHO are you?

The turtle or the frog?

What does this story remind you of?


Daily with you,

– Alpha

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