Wednesdays with Buena: Blog Fans

 Photo: Shem Pablo

Dear blog fans,

Whether you are an author, or a follower, or just a reader, here’s my words for you.

I will share with you five secrets behind being an avid blog fan:

 Secret 1 – INNER DESIRE. I believe that being into this and reading this right now, roots from an inner desire of you. Would this be- to share your thoughts, or feed yourself with information or maybe, inspiration? Mine is being able to introduce a fragrance diary to God. What’s your inner desire? You know you’d not be complete without sharing that right? Or sharing thoughts with people in the same world as yours.  That’s the secret why you’re here!

Secret 2– PURPOSE. You, I, and our friends out there have a purpose! Varied, personal, sometimes strange. But we –you- want to accomplish a purpose.  My purpose in getting into the blog sphere is to share life’s richness and fragrance to all others, especially to my friends! What’s yours? Do you blog or follow blog just because you don’t have any other thing to do?  That’s still better than not doing anything! And who’d know, you might be one step ahead to realizing that purpose within you!

Secret 3– PASSION. People who are usually in the blog world are ones who are passionate about informing, inspiring, or influencing others of what personally affected them. Believe me- it’s not too easy to get hooked into blogging if you cannot share with the passion that comes with it. While blog has also the power to create fortune for you, blog’s fortune comes in many forms. And to me- the greatest is when it has served my friends some inspirational delights for the day.

Secret 4- WARMTH OF FRIENDSHIP. You’ve seen people learning, or enjoying from that site. Somehow, you felt the connection. The next time, you joined. Later on, you see that you begin to develop friendships. Virtually it is- but knowing that some other people think or experience as you do – what relief that brings! By being into it, you also are like receiving free gifts! As the reader, you get something out of the posts; and as an author, you earn the biggest smile when you receive their likes and feedback. The secret that’s at work in there is- the cycle of wisdom, inspiration, and lifting others up continues, and warmth is truly in the air.

Secret 5 –WINNING ADVOCACIES. I believe that nowadays, a most powerful medium to winning advocacies is through online. The flags of advocacy you’d see me carry once in a while is to “Create One Million Smiles” and to encourage others to “Live Rich and Fragrant Lives”. I know you have that particular, special advocacy within you! Nobody, not even yourself, can say that there isn’t a cause you are into.  You know you have. Whatever that advocacy that resides in your heart, free it! Blog about the dreams you have for this world we live in.

I wrote this today because I want us not only to enjoy our time in this page, scrolling down and then going on to the next.  I hope that as we do that we also see our very own desires, purpose, passion, warmth, and advocacies burning within us, waiting for us to free.

You may not have other time to do it- than now as you are online. Because for the next hour when you get out of that chair and leave this virtual page, you have so many other things to put into action.

Start with your colorful blog page. Then, paint your colorful world.

Thirty minutes or an hour into it – may you take the most out of your blogging and following daily!




About the Writer: Buenaflor Laoang, “Buena” is such a blog fan herself. I know she loves to write and also to read blogs (kids permitting) – including this one! She also started her own blog “Fragrant Lives” sometime in June 2011, however she is realizing that her talent can be best utilized by being a contributing writer to different sites in the blogosphere, again – including this one!