Day 86: Make it your mission

Photo: Shem Pablo

There are times throughout the week when you just feel like you were run down. Your body feels so exhausted, you just want to stop what you are doing. Your hands are tired from hitting the keyboard on your desk. Your eyes are telling you to go to bed early, so you’ll have a good night’s rest. Your shoulders are drooping from your head due from tension. But you know half of the time, you still want to keep on going – even if your muscles are sore and you are about to fall.

But you don’t want to stop.

You want to keep it up!

You want to dance with the beat – even if you can not even hear the music.

You want to try to keep the energy level and fight the tiredness away.

But – do you know what is the problem?

Problem is – you’re too darn busy! You’re too darn caught up with your work, your schedule, your report, your project, your blog!

Why don’t you make a mission?

When you start to feel your body is acting weird, take a break.  A minute or two will do. It won’t hurt you.

Make it your mission. Take care of yourself, nobody will take care of you!


Daily with you,

– Alpha

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