Day 85: How about listening?

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In school, you were taught how to read and write. Your teachers have different strategies and techniques how to help you decode words and read phonetically. They were trained by reading specialists and professionals in the area of reading. Thus, the knowledge that they impart to you is abundant and well-practiced.

In writing, you have your own way of writing. Being a lefty used to be an issue. If you were a lefty, your parents or teachers wanted you to utilize your right hand instead. They’d do everything they can to keep your left hand from holding the pencil. They didn’t want you to be ambidextrous. They want you to hold the pencil in the right way and at the same time writing within the lines. Whoever taught you to scribble, you were also being conditioned to write legibly. They were preparing you for the future of writing for the business world.


In both reading and writing – you can say you have all been trained, very well at that. Both skills are important to become literate in school and later on in life. You know you are where you are now because you know how to read and write!

But, unfortunately – being a competent reader and writer isn’t the only thing you need to master. You have to also be an effective listener. And how do you do that?

Did somebody train you to be a good listener?

Did your teacher tell you how to listen?

But is it good listening or hardly at all?

In listening, there is no formal schooling; there is no science or art of listening that is clearly embedded in the curriculum of students or in the path of life. 

Sadly, you just have to know how to listen.

Yet, you have to learn how listen purposely, effectively and intently. You have to know how to listen by heart. You have to put yourself into the conversation and focus with the present. You just have to -

Especially, if you want to succeed!

Daily with you,

- Alpha

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  1. Listening might be arguably the most important of these three skills. Gowing up, my mom found ways to teach me this skill by asking me to go get something and have it include several directions I had to follow. I remember getting pretty stressed out about listening and comprehending all of the steps but it absolutely helped to develop my listening skills!

  2. This is very true. In life, istening becomes more meaningful if we do it by heart….

  3. Ouida Lanuza says:

    I suppose I just got lucky that I happen to have trained at the school of social work and part of the curriculum is the mastery of the art of active listening- the most important clinical skill in social work practice. Setting aside formal education, I learned about active listening from childhood at our family dinner table: only one person speaks at a time, equal air time, no talking over, no side-bars, and most of all respect and empathy.

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