Day 82: 10 Lessons I Learned from Watching Miss Universe 2011

1. In my mind, I have already pre-selected my choice – and in my heart, she is already a winner!

2. Red is powerful! It conveys confidence, authority and power. It didn’t surprise me to see a lot of women wearing shades of red during the Evening Gown competition and throughout the contest. That is why the STOP sign is the world’s most recognized traffic sign and the McDonald’s arch is easily remembered by many kids.

3. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. There may be standards and score boards for who walks the most elegantly and who carries herself the most regally – but even the judges have different choices . The winner of the contest is the average of the judges.

4. Language is truly fluid. It connects different people from various parts of the world to understand each other. Language is not a barrier. It is also not a hindrance whether you know how to speak fluently in the world’s business language (English) in a pageant contest or not – it is only your tool and your armor to get closer to the grand prize.

It is better yet to get a translator and use your first language. You express yourself more beautifully and naturally with your mother tongue. What matters most is the content of what you say.

5. No matter how tall you are, when you slip- you fall pretty hard!

6. Even the self-proclaimed NERD (which originated from the phrase “ner’d do well”) may end up becoming beautiful. There is always the truth behind the “Ugly Swan” tale.

7. Because it’s been an annual tradition since you were at a very fresh age (long before you were supposed to put on your make-up) you’ll stay up until the end of the show. You want to see the winner walk down the aisle, wave her hand and witness the cry of joy! But the truth is, you want to validate yourself, whether your pick made it.

The crowned BEAUTY gets to go home with all the packaged prizes and YOU get to sleep with a big smile on your face!

8. If you are the host country of the Miss Universe pageant – your contestant will most likely get into the top five. Why is this? Because the show’s producers want to sustain the attention of the audience and also to show gratitude for everything that the host country have done for all the pageant.

9. 89 of the world’s most beautiful women – but how about the other countries that were not represented? Weren’t they beautiful as well?

10. You can agree or disagree with me on this statement- but we, the Filipinos are very proud of who we are! And why not – if we cannot clean up the bureaucracy and the rate of crime, at least we can be proud of having an International Boxing Champ, a CNN Hero of the Year and also two Miss Universe Top Five candidates for the past two years! We are more than very proud of our unique race – our skin, our height and our resourcefulness, oh – not to mention our faith!


I simply live my life, and I am satisfied with it!

A woman can also be a leader like Cleopatra.

The Premier quality of human being is RESPECT! Misunderstanding and lack of education is the cause of disrespect.

RESPECT one another.

Truly Filipino fans are the greatest in the world! They have been cheering the whole night!

She is strong, beautiful and confident.

The most beautiful woman in the world is wearing diamond necklaces! (hint, hint to men: you can not go wrong with giving diamonds to your wife or girlfriend.)

Daily with you,

– Alpha

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