Day 80: Everything will be all right!

About three weeks ago before the school started I purchased a painting from Bren Bataclan that says, “Everything will be all right!” The painter, Boston-based artist Bren Bataclan started to paint this message immediately after the economic crisis in 2008 with the hope that anybody who sees this painting will be reassured that despite the roller-coaster of the financial world, from which everybody was affected at that time – “everything will be all right!”

When I first saw this painting on his website, I know that the powerful message behind this could be beneficial for me and for the rest of my colleagues at school. So, at the beginning of this school year – I knew I just have to get one of these paintings from Bren.

I emailed Bren and in a day, he sent out the painting – then, before I knew it, it was already on our doorstep!

The painting sat in a corner near our door for almost a week before my husband asked, “Aren’t you supposed to bring this to work?”. Then I replied, “Yes, I am – but until our first faculty meeting!”

On our first department meeting – I brought with me that painting. I kept in the box, until I met with my colleagues. Before I even started our meeting, this is what I said (roughly):

“I know this is going to be a new year for me, where I will start to learn a lot – but with your help and your support, with us working together, I know everything will be all right!” (Then I took out the painting from the box, which was sitting on top of all the materials I was supposed to give out.) I went on to tell them the story of how I purchased this painting from Bren Bataclan as well as his mission behind his work. Then I continued,

“…I will hang this painting in front of my door – so that, anybody who enters my room will be reminded that despite the changes and everything that we will be going through this year, with your help – everything will be all right!”

It’s been about two weeks since school started and everytime I sit on my desk – I smile and remind myself, “Alpha, everything will be all right! Then, I add – with God on your side, it will always be all right!”

And I know it will be!

Thanks, Bren!

Daily with you,

– Alpha

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