Day 79: Fill in the blanks (Part Two)

Photo by: Joana Martin

Today’s post is an extension of last Tuesday’s Fill in the blanks. If you missed the previous post, you can go back on the link previously provided and complete that first and then come back here.

This is for fun only – however, it does bring back memories of yesteryear’s “slumbook” or “autograph book”, where we would ask our friends to write in these precious books about their deepest secrets, including the names of their crushes, favorite dishes and color! Looking back I must have done at least a couple of them while in high school.

One of our readers (our very FIRST BLOG SUBSCRIBER), MS. Joannalene Escarlos-Abayon, (who used to grace many of my slumbooks)  took her time and shared to us her answers. Despite her hectic schedule as a working Mom (currently based in Dubai UAE), she stopped and reflected on these important prompts. Thank you, Lhen!

Now…it’s your turn!


1.My home is ……
2. My life is….
3. I am happy when…
4. My love is…
5.My future is….
6. My dream is…

Below are the answers from  Ms. Joannalene Escarlos-Abayon:

1. My home is ……where my loving husband and my two adorable kids live.
2. My life is….simple yet fulfilling. I always feel blessed everyday.
3. I am happy when… I spend time with my kids. When you are a working mom, spending time with your kids is priceless.
4. My love is…unconditional.
5. My future is….my choice.
6. My dream is…bigger than I.

Daily with you,

– Alpha

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