Day 78: A Letter to the Leader

Photo: Shem Pablo


Dear Leader,

No, please don’t look behind you.  It’s not the person next to you either. Not even that one ahead of you.

It’s YOU!

Yes, it’s you- with whom some (or many) others’ lives depend on- your family, your workmates, your schoolmates, your spheres of influence.

You- who hold control of things that rely on you- that portfolio or project that will hit a million; that drive that will benefit many lives, that assignment that will leave a valuable impact in your world.

You- who can make things go as you want them to… in whose blood run the power, the ability, the limitless potentials and possibility to make things happen.

Yes, it’s you – YOU ARE THE LEADER!

The leader of the youth, who look up to you for a model simply because you had been there and you’ve been wiser,

The leader of the elderly, who rely on you for caring and kind-heartedness simply because you’ve got the strength and nourishment to do it for them and give back,

The leader of the less, who hunger for your words of inspiration and encouragement,

The leader of the rich, who trust you to be the overseer of their storehouses,

The leader of human resource, who strive to make you happy with their work because their daily needs depend on your authority,

The leader of faith, who has the power to transform people according to the way you live,

The leader of this country, for every progress starts in you- the citizen.

Yes, it’s YOU- the leader.

And I pray, you do not forget who you really are.

Even in times of distress, of exhaustion, of emptiness, of darkness…

Remind yourself, say, I AM A LEADER- whose power remains, whose compassion and love endures, who doesn’t just give up – no – who never gives up!

After being on bended knees, I get up!  Wiser, stronger, better. More directed, determined, passionate, and courageous.  Ready to keep my beautiful purposes ablaze.

Motivate, leader!

Motivate yourself, and motivate the world!