Day 72: Don’t be a brown nose!

Photo: Shem Pablo

No, no – not the kind of  nose you are familiar with! Not my nose either. It is the other nose. The brown-nose!

A brown-nose is somebody you know of. She could probably be your friend; or your seat mate in the bus or perhaps yourself. But, this is what I am going to tell you: if you want to get ahead – whether in a made-up game, in life or at work – please don’t be a brown nose!

You can be anything you want to be – except being a brown nose! You will never go anywhere, if you are! If you are thinking it will get you the raise that you’ve been wanting to get all these years, it will probably work but just for a little while. It will probably make you look good and feel good temporarily, but if you are looking for an effective and long-lasting way of being successful and trustworthy, drop being a brown nose!

Instead work your way up, ethically. Don’t let the pressure of being successful carry you over to the extent that you will want to become a brown nose! Such a person is shallow and not respectable. People will recognize immediately if you are trying to become a brown-nose, or if you are already. In the name of success, play by the rules. Listen with your heart and think with your mind – but don’t sniff, don’t kiss around like a brown-nose.

I know a person who is a brown-nose, a big-time brown nose! She sniffs around her boss’s ass all the time. She is sheep-ple. She likes to follow whatever her boss wants her to do. She doesn’t think. In fact, she hates thinking. She just follows even chases her boss’s commands blindly. She doesn’t question anything that could be wrong – because she is afraid that her boss will kick her out. She likes to pick through other people’s mistakes and capitalize on them. She looks for faults and tells those to her boss, to make her look important and valuable in the eyes of her boss.

Is she popular with her boss?

Oh, yes – she is!

But, do you think she is successful?

Of course not!

Do you think she has friends at the office?

Of course not! (Actually, she does have a friend – her boss – that’s it!)

Now, if you know a brown nose – I would recommend you stay away from her. She spells trouble and If you can, tell her to stop being one especially, if she wants to climb up the ladder. Better yet, let her read this article. It might be for her. You might do her a favor.

If I haven’t said it more than enough, here it is again: If you want to get ahead, don’t be a brown-nose.

Daily with you,

– Alpha

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