Day 71: What do you value the most?

Photo: Shem Pablo

A few days ago, I sat down with the rest of the Administration Team for lunch. That was a way of welcoming us into the new school year!

Towards the end of our meal, our new principal handed out index cards to us and asked us to write our answers for his questions. The first four questions were pretty simple, which if you would like to do it as a getting-to-know-yourself type of questionnaire, you may do so. The first four questions were: a. your favorite food (of course, I put in fermented fish) b. your favorite hobby c. your favorite book or movie and d. your proudest moment in education (I’ll tell you mine, in another post!).

The first four questions were really that simple. I bet you found them to be simple as well, right?

But the last question made us think, hmmm…what shall I answer to this question? I thought of my answer in a snap, while one of the Admin. Team jokingly said…”if I could be shallow…”


Here was the fifth question:

“What do you value the most?”

When all else fails and the world is at its last drop, what would you value the most? Or in English, if you were stranded in an island, what do you think you still need to have and would cry over and over again without it?

It was funny that three of us wrote, family and friends but our principal wrote…”honesty and humility” while the other AP wrote, “future”.

How about you?

“What do you value the most?”

Daily with you,

– Alpha

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