Day 70: The first 30 seconds

Photo: Shem Pablo

The first thirty seconds is for the ultra efficient person.

Maybe also for the mega successful person.

Probably for the metro social as well.

Most importantly, this is for YOU!

And… this is how the first seconds is very crucial for you.

When you have an idea, you’ve got the first thirty seconds to play around with and decide what to do with that idea. The first five seconds is when you have the a-ha moment. The time when you feel like you are a winner; that you have a winning idea right on your fingertips. It is very easy and quick to identify whether you’ve got that one great idea, at that particular moment. Then, the next few seconds – between another five to twenty seconds – is your action call! This is the time, when you need to act on it. And the first action that goes along with the positive attitude that you have towards your idea is to jump, hop, crawl, grope for some writing utensils. Yes, grabbing a piece of paper and also a writing utensil takes about ten seconds. Once, you have that – you move on with the remaining of your thirty seconds.

Let us do our simple math here – which means that you have about 15 more seconds left. The last fifteen seconds is for you to write your idea. You know it is brilliant and you know that it is god-sent! You do not know why in the first place it came right out of your head. You just had it!

So, why don’t you write it down? Writing down that/those ideas will take about fifteen seconds.

If you didn’t capture your idea within that time frame, guess what – somebody just lost the game? You lost it!

The next time, you have that burning feeling that this is THE IDEA – work on that thirty seconds. It is very crucial. You would know that it is brilliant, because your inner self will tell you so.

Thirty seconds means your life.

Thirty seconds could be your future!

Daily with you,

– Alpha

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