Day 69: Friendship


Photo: Michaela Cruz-Ungos (Teacher Mica)

Starting this week, we will be featuring a guest writer who will share his/her ideas of inspiration, motivation and success.

This week, MS. BUENAFLOR LAOANG joins us with an empowering letter addressed to me. You will read her thoughts here on a regular basis. She’ll be sharing her amazing gift from her own desk in Tarlac, Philippines. She’ll be with us across the globe once a week. This will be for midweek present for all of us. On Wednesdays, we’ll be with Buena – Wednesdays with Buena.

Starting today…

This is what she has in store for us:

Dear Alpha,

The very moment I received your message inviting me to contribute to your blog, I was mouth-open.

 First, it’s huh?!

Why me? Did you believe I was the right person? Can I commit to it because, I have all the reason to say NO—my tight schedule, anxiety if I could do it as to others’ expectations, and so on..

But, your message also brought with it- appreciation, encouragement, confidence, trust… friendship, that added a glow to my face.

And if I’d be asked what is the first thing for me behind all aspirations, motivations, successes (as your blog is all about), it’s FRIENDSHIP.

Yes, that’s the key word. Friendship. Anyone can e-mail me who disagrees.

As I was telling, I felt incompetent about doing it. I have every reason not to do it.  I can just say no.

But you led me to say, YES.

Why? Because of your genuine friendship. Along with it- the acceptance, appreciation, confidence, warmth, trust… that no money can buy.

For the invitation I say, thank you. To share inspiration, yes I’ll do it.

You inspire me to.

You motivate me to.

It’s your friendship.


Manang Buena