Day 68: Fortune Not in the Cookies

Photo: Michaela Cruz-Ungos (Teacher Mica)

I am a not such a huge fan of drinking green or jasmine tea. In fact, when tea is offered after dinner or after a party, I usually decline it. Surprising, eh? especially someone from the Orient.

But all has changed since I started to consume this all-organic herbal tea that is made from five Ayurvedic spices and was founded by a yogi. The story of how I came to discover the splendid blend of this tea is a Eureka moment in its entirety. At the beginning of this year, I was stricken with a form of arthritis that is a left-over from a viral disease. Well, prior to that I had walk-in pneumonia, which did not really leave my system despite the antibiotics and rest that I was “permitted” to take. So, my arthritic condition was the by-product of my pneumonia.

For over a month and a half (probably close to two months), I was limping and dragging my right leg to go around the house and into work. I needed some quick relief or even temporary medicine that will take the pain away, while a strong prescription of Voltarin wasn’t really kicking in. I read and researched about different types of Eastern form of medicine, but somehow I wasn’t too sold in them. Then, I discovered a tea that is made from turmeric, of the ginger family – which is also a spice that is known for its powerful easement of joint problems and helps the immune system.

There came my first acquiantance of YOGI TEA products.

I can go on and on about the distinctive taste of their tea, but what is more relaxing and beneficial as I drink a cup of this tea is the fortune that comes along in each of the tea bags.

I have saved some of my favorite “fortunes” from the tea, and I am sharing them all to you today.

Perhaps, one of the “other” reasons why I got better from my arthritis is by ingesting  these words of fortunes everytime I sip my tea. The fortunes have become my desserts as the last drop of tea trickle down my throat. They have also reminded me that living, enjoying and sipping tea is the root of being happy!

Enjoy these fortunes:

Live for each other.

Trust creates peace.

Let your heart guide you.

Be proud of who you are.

Live and let live.

Live in your strength

You are unlimited.

Develop your intuition.

Daily with you,

– Alpha

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