Day 67: Productivity


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I have come across and read articles, blog posts as well as some chapters about productivity for quite some time now, but for the longest time, it is really not hitting me on target! If a strong topic does not really hit home – I consider it a form of wasteful reading – so yes, those times that I was reading about productivity is somewhat wasteful reading a.k.a. leisure reading.

However, recently productivity has become my ally – especially now that I am finishing up my summer break! (Today officially marks my last day of my summer break. Tomorrow, I am back to doing what I love professionally: in the school!)

During my almost two-month vacation, time was really of no essence for me. I go to bed late, dilly-dally with some of my chores,  structure my time around the moment my eyes open up in the morning and before I know it the day was over! So, that would probably explain why productivity wasn’t dawning on me, yet.

No – not yet.

Until a week before I am back to school.

Then, I began to understand what is productivity; what it really means and how I am really using productivity in my day-to-day schedule.

Productivity is how you direct your time to produce results or outcomes.  It is the amount of valuable time and effort that you put in to see results. It is also the prize of being focused. It is

And this is how I usually make productivity my best friend:

1. First, I make a list of the five most important things I needed to finish for the day: (e.g. Today’s list was: a. Call the Fitness Club to schedule my gym time b. Go to the CVS and buy toiletries on sale c. Return books to the library d. Return Jean Gonzales’s crab bucket (mind you, she catches crab magically and shared me her fresh caught of the day) e. Attend lunch with the administrative team, then  meet with the Assistant Superintendent)

2. I carry this list throughout the day and check off each item as I go. It is easier to write what you need to do on a piece of paper, so you can just throw your

3. If some of these things are doable within an hour, I focus on finishing them within the hour. Then, I move on with what is next on my list.

4. If my momentum is there, I keep it up. I only stop when I am done with last thing on my paper.

5. At the end of day, once all the essential matters are completed, I can pretty much play around with  the remainder of my time to whatever  I please to do. (e.g. For today, I was able to squeeze in an hour at the gym!)

And this is just one step of applying productivity.

I will share more in the next few days!

My questions for you: How productive do you think you are in a day? Are you using your time productively?

Successful people are known to use their time productively. They carry productivity on their sleeves all the time.

Do you think, you would and could do that, too?

Daily with you,

– Alpha

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