Day 66: One at a time

Photo: Shem Pablo

Deal with each thing at the moment, don’t delay.

Not two things – but each thing – each one – at a time.

Focus on one important task, shut down everything else.

One becomes more if you put yourself into it.

If you are given ten projects to complete, pick only one out of the ten.

If you are at home and you have ten chores to complete in an hour while your baby is asleep, pick out one chore for now and complete it first. Don’t try to do three things at the same time- or else none of those will be completed.  If you need to clean-out the kitchen, simplify the kitchen tasks into multiple steps. Break it down into several smaller steps within the kitchen, and before you know it your kitchen will look spic and span!  Once your kitchen chore is done, move on with the second task on the list. Check off each chore as you go and you’ll see how faster it is when you are only focused on one thing at a time.

Again, one results into more.

If you are focused on one thing, you’ll find out it is more productive. You’ll be able to finish one great task rather than doing numerous just-good-enough tasks. One great task makes you look great! Many just-about-good or good-enough results turn you  into a good-enough worker. You do not want to be an average worker, you want to be a shining star in your own field of work. You have got to stand out! By doing only one wonderful yet enormous task  you will surely bring more positive results and will generate more compensation for yourself or for your company.

One makes you great, not good – but GREAT!

Daily with you,

– Alpha

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