Day 65: It is not wrong..

Photo: Shem Pablo

It is not wrong to stand up for what you believe in

It is not wrong to clarify what you feel is incorrect

It is not wrong to ask if you believe you are going in the wrong direction

It is not wrong when you tell someone that she/he might be doing something harmful

It is not wrong to decline a friend who is telling you a secret

It is not wrong to turn down an offer, an invitation or a proposal

It is not wrong to go an extra mile for somebody who is sick

It is not wrong to take care of yourself…


 It is not wrong…

It is not wrong to do any of these things…

In fact, it is YOUR RIGHT!

Daily with you,

- Alpha

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  1. Noel says:

    Very inspirational. thank you .

  2. abichica says:

    woowww.. that’s such an amazing picture.. and the poem is just beautiful.. :-D

  3. haroldmillet says:

    when i first read this… i was puzzled the way it was created. but in a deeper sense this is so true. it is real!

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