Day 63: My Motivation Manifesto (50 Remarkable Posts)

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Three months after I launched this blog, I started to reread my first fifty posts for a few reasons: A.) I was somewhat feeling nostalgic about surviving my 3rd month on the web, that I thought it would be a great idea to go back and reread what I have written. B.) I wanted to see how I can be true to what I have written so far C.) I wanted to use my analytical mind to see which among the posts have been received very well by YOU, the readers and D.) I just want to reread them to figure how my writing, my blogging skills and my connection in the blogosphere have improved.

But just like anything else – something always comes up when I least expect it.

This is what happened:

While I started to read Day 1 through Day 5, I began to realize that there is a pattern. I was not yet too sure what was going on, but I typed up the titles of my daily posts and when I got to Day 34, I knew that the pattern is about the significance of each of these posts and how they are connected to one general topic:  about LIFE and how to be motivated.

Oh, but…wait a minute –

 – isn’t this what this blog is all about anyway?  – motivating, inspiring and success!

The fact is, even if I know that this blog is about these topics, I believe that the first fifty posts have more meaning and purpose than what is on the surface (you know getting the post to the subscribers and letting them out of my brain). I know it has been read and hopefully inspired YOU in a few ways, however, when I look at all of them I know I have something else for you.

And this is what I am going to call them: MY MOTIVATION MANIFESTO.

It will be YOUR motivation manifesto.

It will be  like your own guide-to becoming successful; or your guide-to becoming motivated or inspired.

Whatever it is, I am going to name it MY MOTIVATION MANIFESTO (Triple M’s).

Let me explain it further: This Motivation Manifesto will remind you of some of the most important things that you need to do in order to be happy, successful and motivated. But in order to be more effective, there are two parts that you need to do:

FIRST STEP: you must have first understood what each of these manifestos is all about. You must have first read each step or post. If you haven’t read all of them, please read them. Print them all out. Absorb the lesson and the essence of each post. Do it everyday for the next fifty days. Don’t just rush through them all. Let it sit with you. Let it be on your bedside table.  Let it sleep with you – for fifty days. Then, reflect on them. One by one. You need to understand what you want out of this manifesto. You have to be productive and have an outcome after you read Day 50.  And then after that, you need to do something and make it happen.

Do not just read the fifty motivation manifesto without fulfilling what you intend to do. This is a manifesto of motivation – not a wishful reading.  When you have fulfilled the first part, then you are ready to move on with the second part.

SECOND STEP: You should also be willing to share this manifesto. This is your responsibility as a good citizen of the world, to spread what you know and let other people be educated and enlightened. Do not keep this secret, rather keep it out in the open! This is my recommendation: Share this link to three of your closest friends- by email, by printing it out and giving it to them, by your preferred social networking sites or whichever way you want your unselfish discover y about motivation should be dispersed! Then, most importantly thank yourself for making the decision to be motivated and take your own manifesto of motivation to heart.


1. Write your dreams  

2. 100% commitment

3. Choose wisely

4. Buy less,consumeless

5. Communicate

6. Nurture your dreams

7. Celebrate small achievements

8. Keep asking

9. Don’t Judge

10. Take a Nap

11. Say NO!

12. Smile, Think Happy Thoughts!

13. Be humble

14. Tell the truth

15. Be thankful  

16. Your work has to be personal

17. You don’t have to be, what they say you should

18. Treasure your Old Friends

19. Read More in order to Earn More

20. Have Balance, live your life!

21. Thanks Be to God

22. Keep your goals to yourself

23. Practice. 1o, 000 hours will  make you an expert

24. Dare to Be Brave

25. Have it your way

26. Family is Pure Love

27. Appreciate All things bright and beautiful

28. Love The Beautiful Things in life

29. Never say NEVER

30. Reach for your Dreams

31. Fulfill your Commitment

32. Read – Remarkable Quotes: Tribes Seth Godin

33. Take some time off

34. Be a class act

35. Do you need a resume

36. Write your Three lists

37. Want it!

38. Letting Go, Letting God

39. Failure

40. Make a Difference

41. Read – Remarkable Quotes: Leadership by Gen. Colin Powell

42.Feel your Fear

43. Be Passionate

44. Be Patient

45. Review  the Three lists

46. The Lesson Behind Cinderella’s Story – Continue to Dream

47. Be proud of where you came from

48. Breathe slowly

49. Pray

50. Remind yourself that Everything is a Miracle including YOURSELF!

Read it. Read them all! Understand them.

Post it. On your FB wall or on your bedroom wall or in your office – wherever possible! It is your own motivation manifesto!

Link it.

Print it.

Share it.

Drink with it.

Sleep on it.

Read it, again and again and again.

Then, do it all over again!

Of course – you can ask me – how I myself have been doing with this manifesto.

If you were to ask me about how I have been with my own motivation manifesto, I have one word for you: exciting!

My own journey with this manifesto has been exciting, really exciting! As I mentioned in my opening paragraph I had four different reasons and although I was digging into the core reasons, this is what I came upon:

A. Well, I went through them all – some I edited, added more information and then, I reread them – for some, I scrolled on them at least five times.

B. Most of the times I have been true to the Manifesto. Let me start from the beginning:

–          I have written my dreams. Actually I have been doing since I was in my teens.

–          My commitment? I did decide on 10 things recently that I am going to do.

–          I try to choose what I read, what I listen to and what I watch (if I even want to watch TV)

–          Have I been taking a nap on a regular basis? Not exactly. Not daily but at least twice a week, I let my body lay on the couch and nap for ten minutes.

–          Almost every night Tala and I smile before closing our eyes. Tala does it, too –while she is doing it, I do it as well. We do it together.

–          You don’t have to be, what they say you should – My blogging says that well. I write for what I love and what I love to read; not what is current in the news.

–          What do I have with me while I am in the loo? Spines with names such as Jack Canfield, Seth Godin and Norman Vincent Peale. Yesterday, I went to the library and brought home five different books one from Stephen Covey.

–          Practice. 1o, 000 hours will  make you an expert – Practicing how to become a better writer by writing more often than in the past eight years.

–          Dare to Be Brave – After the roller coaster, mountain coaster and all the right angle rides that I tried with Tala while we were in No. Conway, NH in June, I have done it again in July while we were at the Water Country in Portsmouth, NH with the Iasimone family. I slid and rode every water ride that Tala went to – even if, inside me I was  scared to death.

–          The Pursuit of Passion – These friends of mine are even more passionate than the last time I talked about them. I have started to learn some of their strategies and have been getting some things for free at the local pharmacy.  Isn’t that exciting? If it is free, it’s for meJ

–          Review of the Three lists – I am already on my second list. Finished the first one with 101 on it. How about you?

–          TCA-LHS – a premier high school – Always proud and true to be one. Those who have read it, have since given themselves a thumbs up for being a graduate or for being associated with my alma mater!

–          Breathe slowly – I do this everytime I  can and wherever I can – in the car while driving, going down the stairs, cutting up the lettuce, hanging the clothes out to dry or just like now.  I just did one breathing, and it feels great!

C. I realize that a lot of people are really touched and inspired by our Saturday Success Stories, even if we have had only TWO stories so far. Thus, I have been approaching and getting the word out for people who would like to share their stories with our readers. I know there are a lot of successful people out there who could inspire us in so many ways, it is just a matter of getting the word out and asking people to share their wisdom of success. Just for the records: I initially planned on doing a 10-Saturday program for this section, but I will do my best to continue to scout for people who have become influential in their own field of expertise.

The other thing that I noticed is that not a lot of people have read the first ten posts. So, if you are one of them – make sure to read all of them. They are like the catsup in your burger, it doesn’t taste right without it.

D. And for the fourth reason –  funny how I started with concealing my own identity (I was going under my pseudo name by using my initials because I was “trying” to avoid  feeds on the possibility of coming up when googling my name), then I thought why would I hide my identity to the public? If I want to get my message out and if I want to be true to myself as well as to the gift that I was given, then I should let myself out in the open and be proud of what I am doing. Besides, why keep a brilliant idea/s– or a brilliant way to help, inspire and share wonderful stories? That is old school! Telling everybody and sharing is the new generation’s way of educating and spreading the knowledge!

D.1  And of course, there is a D.1 as well as D.2 and D.3 – Not only did I reveal my identity but I also added my own signature, I put my own photo on my blog and embraced any form of feedback that will come along the way. Btw, I will email you personally as long as I can, if you have any questions – just allow me to respond to your queries within 72 hours.

D.2 I also added pictures. When I decided to add pictures, I was using my own photos that I took with a low resolution Sony camera. Then, my friend Sam suggested I should use better photos and allowed me to share some of her photos on my blog. Then, another friend Michaela who is gifted with photography skills also shared her photos. Thus, came the new make-over of the site, with photos – well-captured fine art!

D.3 I finally changed my domain name that is being hosted by WordPress from identitysolutions to something that is easier to remember. For about a month, I have been toying about a domain name, and then the idea came: why not use my initials (again!) and then put daily after it. Thus, is born!

If we were to have a measure-o-meter with how I am progressing with my own motivation manifesto on a daily basis, I would love to share them with you. Life is a journey. And the other thing that you might need to have in this journey, is a manifesto – a manifesto to keep you motivated, to keep you alive!

Now, get moving and start your manifesto TODAY!

Daily with you,

– Alpha

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