Day 62: 10 decisions, I decided to make

Photo: Michaela Cruz-Ungos (Teacher Mica)

I decided….

1. To smile at least once a day to myself and to somebody (either to my husband, my daughter or a fellow shopper at the local supermarket).

2. To always say “thank you” every time I wake up.

3. To say “thank you” more.

4. To kneel down and get down on my knees before bedtime, even if it only means a 10-second prayer of thanks or a moment of silence.

5. To concentrate on one single task while on the computer. (e.g. If I decided to check on my Facebook account, I would just stay on Facebook until I am done with it. If I decided to write on my blog, I will focus on that and shut down any other digital distractions, including any social networking sites.)

6. To slowly eliminate the amount of my chocolate intake.

7. To stop drinking coca-cola and to drink more water!

8. To go to church once a month. OR. Hit the gym at least once a week.

9. To drink some milk every day.

10. To slowly breathe and then, feel my breathing throughout the day.

How about YOU?

Have you decided yet?

WHAT have you decided?

Remember there are just TWO DECISIONS.

Make one NOW!

Daily with you,

– Alpha

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