Photo: Michaela Cruz-Ungos (Teacher Mica)

I realize that there are only two answers that you could possible choose from when confronted with a  question, a difficult task or a request:

a. Yes

b. No

There is no Maybe, Probably or Later. What you decide now is not different from what you may say later. It does not change what you believe in at the moment you are faced with a big question mark.

Think about these questions and see how you would make a decision if you are confronted with these questions:

1. From somebody who does not drive or does not own a car: Could you please pick me up from our house?

2. From a parent who needs somebody to look after their child for a doctor’s appointment: Could you please look after my daughter for an hour?

3. From your boss: Could you please type this memorandum after you are done with that paperwork, then call the direct marketing supervisor to straighten out this issue?

4. From a friend: Could you please call Mark (another friend) to arrange our next night-out?

5. From a homeowner who dislikes his neighbors who let their pets urinate on his lawn: Could you please stop letting your dog pee on my lawn?

6. From a bargain-hunter: Would you give me a discount on this order?

7.  From a hotel guest: Could you please change the linens today?

8.From a party host: Will you attend my party this weekend?

Remember, if it is a YES it should be a YES.

If it is a NO, then be it a NO.

And if you made your decision, there  is certainly no need for an explanation.

Daily with you,

– Alpha

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