Day 60: When you believe they can, they will…

Photo: Shem Pablo

On our last faculty meeting with our former principal, Dr. William Conard, he mentioned that he would love to fulfill one of his dreams, which is to become an editor. Thus, he encouraged all of his faculty members to join in his new project and try to set aside a few minutes of their summer break to write a poem about their experiences at the high school. At that moment, I knew exactly that I will set aside a few hours of my summer break to fulfill this request not only to show my support and my loyalty to my school, but also because I love to write poetry.  As some of you might know, I have written poems and self-published a collection of poems about being an immigrant. But, a few years after the publication of my poems, I stopped writing them on a regular basis but would do so, if I am inspired.

When the right moment comes for me to write, I seize the time. They say that the teacher will come when the student is ready. That usually happens to me whenever I write a piece of literature, be it poetry or essay or maybe even a simple journal. It usually hits me when I least expect it. Normally, my light bulb turns on immediately when the topic and the experience is still fresh and raw.

Last week, I finally emailed  my own contribution to the poetry project, which I am also sharing it with you today. As a teacher and a parent, if I believe of my students and/or my child’s capability that they/she can do it, then my students/my child will do so. There is that certain power. I do not know what it is called, but I think it is “believing” in them!

When you believe they can hold a pencil, they will start writing.

When you believe they can follow the tune, they will start to sing.

When you believe they can slip on their shoes, they will start running.

When you believe they can open the books, they will remember the story.

When you believe they can listen to the music, they will  soon dance.

When you believe they can be alone, they will accomplish great things.

When you believe in their capacity to learn, they will start to  thrive.

When you believe that they can speak, they will start to lead.

When you believe they can change, they will start to live.

When you believe in their love, they will love you more.

When you believe in them , they will build you a home!

When you believe they can, you know that they will!

Daily with you,

– Alpha

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