Day 59: Sit still

Photo: F. Claflin

Model:  C. Claflin (Mom Fashion World)


Be calm. Sit still. Don’t move. Don’t move.

Sit still.

There. Nope.Nope. Not yet.

Get it to the right. A little more. There. Almost.

Keep your legs crossed. Let your arms flow freely.

Straighten your back. Keep it upright.

Hold your neck. Then. Let your thumbs press against your pointer fingers.

Breathe. Exhale. Breathe again. Exhale.

Relax. Feel every nerve in your body relax. Sit still. Remain quiet.

Sit still. Don’t move. Don’t move.

Be calm.



Now, please hit play on this video  “Dare to Dream” by new-age artist Yanni:

Daily with you,

– Alpha

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