Day 55: Never Settle for Less


Photo: Michaela Cruz-Ungos (Teacher Mica)

Here is a personal  story of not settling for less:

A few weeks ago, I needed a new pair of prescription glasses and I know exactly what brand, what style and shade I would like to purchase.  I have that particular frame and design in my head long before I headed to the local optometrist’s shop (more like a chain store).

I went to Pearle Vision first and checked out their selection. As soon as I entered their store, I couldn’t find exactly what I want, so I asked one of the salesclerks  if they carry that brand and she said,  “Oh, yes we do –but recently we have not been getting our orders on time, so I pulled them out of the display area.” She went on to show me the only remaining style from the brand that I was looking for, which I didn’t particularly love. Because the lady was very accommodating, she told me, “If you do not like this, I can call you in a week  and see if they could ship to us other styles, then I will give you a call!’

That’s how it ended.

Exactly a week later, I got a phone call from her informing me that some styles from the brand that I like finally  arrived. (Okay, keep in mind that I have already pictured what I would like to buy.)

When I stepped in the shop, she was waiting to show me what styles came in. I tried all four of them, but somehow none of them was exactly what I was looking for. I asked if any of the sunglasses came too but there was none. She said she could get them in a few weeks or so. Then, here comes the part where she was pushing me to “just settle for less” or “just settle for what we have” type of marketing pitch.

She said, “Well if you want, you can buy these pair of prescription sunglasses with your regular prescription glasses. They (referring to the sunglasses made in China) are quite as good as the ones you like, besides you’ll save a few dollars if you’ll get these.”

In my mind, I was going “Uh-uh”…

Then she added, “Also, if you’d like…you can go ahead and place the order for your regular prescription glasses. Which one do you like?”

At that point, I told her I will be back later to make the decision (but in reality, I was planning to go to another store to compare the prices).

Off I went to the second store: LensCrafters

The moment I stepped in their store, I went straight to the glass case where the brand that I was looking to purchase was displayed. Immediately I called for assistance and in a snap, a licensed optician opened the case and let me choose which ones I like the best.

Going from left to right of the glass case, I picked out the frames for my regular glasses and also for my sunglasses in less than five minutes.  These were what I wanted to get- what I have been looking for!

In less than fifteen minutes, I placed my order; adjusted my frames; haggled and then haggled some more telling the sales clerk that I deserve to have more discount because I gave him a very quick sale; then  I walked out of the store, very satisfied and pleased.

Did I settle for less? NO DOUBT.

When you  know exactly what you want, you never settle for less!

Do not let anybody talk you out of what you want, just because it is more convenient for them or for you.

Do not let anyone, make the decision for you to settle for less. You have the capability and equal reasoning power to decide for yourself!

Do not settle for less just because of the discount.

Make them work for what you truly want.

Do what Tala often sings, “Don’t just compromise!” –  Of course, I do not know whether she understands the content of her one-liner song but hey, I’ll take it!

Daily with you,

– Alpha

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