Day 53: Living without expectations

Photo: C. Claflin (Mom Fashion World)

When I started this blog, I didn’t set out any expectations. In fact, what you have been reading started from the idea of reconnecting with my siblings back home. As you all know the 30-day challenge with my siblings was fulfilled and I wanted to do something more out of it, thus I decided to share what I have been emailing to my siblings to you.

I decided that it would be nice to share a gift with anyone who is up for it.

So, that was the birth of my blog: A.M.S. (after my initials); my special gift to you!

This gift that I am offering and sharing to you is simply for all of us to enjoy. YOU + ME = EVERYBODY (being happy and inspired!)

This is the type of gift that doesn’t cost me a dime, yet I feel happy that I am the giver. This is also the gift where you, the receiver takes it whole-heartedly and smile, hopefully the one that makes your dimples come out more prominently. This is what I call the ultimate gift; no expectations in return, no thank-yous brewing along – just a plain “gift’.

I give it to you and you take it, that’s the real gift.

No expectations. No nothing.

Blogging without expectations.



I’ll turn the table around.

This time you can put this idea into your own life’s perception: “Living without expectations.”

When you have a job and you start to have high expectations…

When you start to date someone and you have expectations on how she/he would be around your friends…

When you build your own business, and for the first two months you set your sights on a sale expectation…

When you go to a fancy restaurant and you took into consideration the reviews of your friends with their high expectations ….

When you read an article about your favorite baseball player then you meet him in person…

When you hear something about one of your friends in your circle that she/he is not what you thought she/he is…

When you buy from Nordstrom but didn’t last for long…

When you think of expectations and didn’t really meet them…You feel disappointed!

Think about life without expectations.

Please do not get me wrong, living a life without expectations does not mean that you are not dreaming nor being motivated. It does not mean that you live being lifeless or boring. It just means that if you live without expectations, it means you are unpretentious, real and modest. Living without expectations makes life less complicated with lesser aggravations. Without expectations, you live your life like a real artist. You design your own map and follow your map. You do not listen to what other want you to hear,  instead you go out and explore what is the truth. You become intact with your own inner self, then your inner voice. You empower your own gift.

You live with your gift, without expectations.

Daily with you,

– Alpha

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