Day 51: What makes Gary Valenciano a remarkable singer?

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That is Gary Valenciano. His professional music accomplishments can be found here:

He has written, produced, and performed countless of songs and  has released platinum albums. He has traveled extensively to bring his soulful music to the Filipinos across the globe. He’s made his mark and he knows it. He is thankful about it. He never ceased to be grateful to his fans and to the Lord.

Now – what really makes Gary V a singing sensation? He has been in the music industry since 1982 and has never failed to amaze the young, the middle-aged and the old! What does he have that some of the up-and-coming Filipino singers do not have? What makes him fail-proof? What makes him Gary V.?

Here is my quick analysis (but of course, he does not need  yet another press release) :

1. Gary V. is a household name. He has built his own following by

2. He sings with conviction. Rarely will you see a performer who is up on the stage with  two things: his microphone and his drive to inspire people. Every word that he belts out, it comes with a tune that touches your heart and your soul. I particularly love, “Take me Out of the Dark” – and how every line of this song, pushes me to cling on to my Lord.

3. His songs portray the everyday events, the actual happenings in the lives of ordinary Filipinos. He is like the Shakespeare in the music industry. He sings what he sees out in the streets. His writers are brilliant (In one of his released album’s  acknowledgment page, he wrote that his wife, Angeline Pangilinan created and re-arranges some of the songs, including “Sana Maulit Muli”).

4. His music is unpretentious. Every hit list he has created is streamlined to a particular audience. Take for example, “Babalik Ka Rin”; target audience? The OFWs.

5. He connects very well with people. He tells people about his children and his family. He reveals his life. He is open with his ongoing battle with diabetes. He is not afraid to tell his audience, the people who spent their hard-earned money on his concert tickets, that he carries a shot of insulin (or whatever insulin-inducer machine) on stage and that there might be a chance that his sugar level might fail, and that the show might also fail. He is honest – and that what makes him easily bond with people.

 I saw a concert of Gary V,  in 2008 at the John Hancock Center in Boston. In fact, he announced that, that was his first ever concert in Massachusetts – it was also my first time to see him LIVE on stage. His performance was energetic – no, tantric is the word!

I can not even rate Gary V. from scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, because he is just himself, his own name! His music is a different genre. I do not even know whether it is gospel, pop-rock, ballad, or whatchamacallit. But I know that:

Gary is not an efficient performer, he is BINDING!

Gary is not a competent singer, he is REMARKABLE!

Gary is not only a Filipino singer, he is THE ONLY Filipino singer who can capture his audience,the way he does.

Gary is not really good, he is GREAT!

Gary is not really the best Filipino singer, he is SUPERLATIVE!

And, that is what makes him a REMARKABLE, indispensable singer!

 Daily with you,

– Alpha

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P.S. Didn’t I just tell you how fanatic I am about Gary V? And if that’s not yet enough, if you don’t mind telling Gary V., that I would certainly like to get a signed copy of his 2009 album with Martin Nievera? And oh, would you tell him the next time he comes to Boston (hopefully!) or in the East Coast for a concert,I would like to have eight front row tickets, so that myself, my family and friends will truly enjoy his music! You are a God send!