Day 50: Everything is a miracle

Photo: C. Claflin (Mom Fashion World)

The other day I got this email from one of my friends:

I did have her on Friday July 29th!!!!! She is precious and I am so thankful that she and I are both healthy and strong. Sorry this e-mail is so short. I will hopefully talk to you soon.

T =)

Immediately, I hit the reply button and wrote, “Congratulations!” Then, when I pressed the send button, my mind raced to the time we conceived Tala and how she came to our lives. This made me think about how miracles happen, and how we encounter every single magic in our lives on a daily basis.

Sometimes we forget about them.

Sometimes we tend not to think about them –

Sometimes we think miracles do not exist anymore.

Or, that miracles are not true.

But when we hear wonderful news about the birth of a new child or an addition to the family  everything seems to be miraculous again – and then, we become converts of the traditional belief.

Why, yes – the beginning of any life is in itself a great creation: magical, enchanting and impossible.

Yet, the impossibility became possible.

Look at your own GREAT self!

You are already a MIRACLE since day one.

You came out as a whole, not in pieces put together. You thrived among the gazillions of sperm cells competing to unite against your Mom’s egg cells. You survived the first grueling trimester of being in a foreign environment. You learned how to be depended on the nutrients supplied through the umbilical cord. You were patiently holding on the uterus wall until all parts of your body are fully developed. Then, you defeated the forces of nature to stay much longer than 40 weeks and wanted to experience the world unattached from your Mother’s dear life. You hung on, until your first cry.

Your first cry was in itself a miracle!

You were not taught to cry; you learned how to cry- it was instinctive! It was part of you – part of the miracle, that is part of you!

It is confusing, but YOU are yourself a miracle.

YOU are actually THE miracle! Everything around you is a miracle.

Appreciate who YOU are.

Learn to love who YOU are.

Love who YOU are.

Because nothing is as beautiful as someone like you – a miracle!

Daily with you,

– Alpha

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