Day 48: Breathe Slowly

Photo: C. Claflin (Mom Fashion World)

Why are you in a rush? Do you think time will run faster if you move a little quicker?

Why do you always move like you are preparing for a marathon?

Why do you have to constantly look at the clock?

This I’ll tell you:

Time is not going any faster.

The day is not going to end in a few seconds.

And you are not going any faster than what you think you are.

Time will remain as it is.

And will always be.

Time does not change.

But YOU can change.

You know what you can do instead of rushing?







Feel that you are alive and appreciative of everything around you, without minding the time. Forget about time instead remember what and who is around you. Remember yourself and the many blessings you already have. Remember that you are alive and kicking. There is nothing more precious than feeling your own life; feeling your own breath.

Do this everytime you have a chance.

Do the 6-second breathing exercise above.

 If you are a house manager, take a few minutes to breathe everytime you finish a chore. If you are a secretary, vow to take a breathe everytime you hang up a phone call. If you are the head of the department, take a breather whenever you sign off a memo. Whatever you are and whatever you do, take time to breathe – every time you can.

Daily with you,

– Alpha

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