Day 46: The Lesson Behind Cinderella’s Story

We all know the story of Cinderella, of her wicked stepmother and her stepsisters (Anastacia and Drizella), of her glass slipper and of her Prince. We are all familiar how the story ended with a “happy ever after” note.

But do you know a lesson or two behind Cinderella’s story, with the exception of her rags-to-riches claim to fame?

>>> (Think.)

>>> (Think again.)

Yesterday, while Tala and I were reading the story of Cinderella (Disney’s version), the following line caught my eye:

“But no matter how hard Cinderella worked, she never stopped dreaming.”

Never stop dreaming.

That’s it!

That is the lesson behind Cinderella’s story.

That is also the reason why Cinderella was able to get out of the misery from her stepmother’s household and the very same reason, why she married the man of her dreams.

You should be like Cinderella!

You should never stop dreaming – even if you are currently unemployed and feels that the economy is not getting any better; even if you think it is impossible for you to finish a four-year college; even if you think the world is on your shoulders; even if you find yourself crying every night out of desperation. You should keep on dreaming.

And also – keep your faith.

Why not?

Dreaming is free. You do not need to pay anybody to get into dream land and start thinking about the life that you envision.

Dreaming is fun (makes you smile too). You get to escape from your malady and feel like you are the Princess in your story.

Dreaming is your first step to reaching your goals.

Why not?

If Cinderella did it, so can you!

– Alpha

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