Day 45: A Review of the Three Lists

Let us take a moment to see how we are doing with our three lists.

Last week, I challenged you to start writing your three-lists in life. These lists will help  you get to where you want to be or own the things you would like have. These lists will also serve as your  guide, your essential tool in your everyday life and how you will structure your everyday routine around them. These lists will also prevent you from doing unnecessary things that are not productive or important for you. These lists will make your life seem more meaningful and purposeful. Besides you will never have the things you would like to have if you do not exactly know what they are Or, you would never be the person you dream of, if you didn’t start dreaming about who would like to be. That was why, I encouraged you to write down the three lists. If you missed last week’s post or if you would like to take another peek on what I am talking about, here is the link: Day 36: Three Lists

Now, ready for the big confession?


you tried to sit down and find peace to start your lists, give yourself a gentle tap on your back. (nice try, buddy!)

you started writing your Have-list and came up with at least 10 things, you can now give yourself a hand squeeze (keep it up!)

you finished all three of the list, here is for you:  Pop a bottle (whatever you like to drink occasionally) and Cheers!(you’ve done a yourself a favor!)

For this week’s challenge, I would like you to increase the amount of items on each list. Instead of  merely thinking and writing what comes first in your mind, I would like you to stretch out your imagination and come up with the following:

  1. 101 Things for The To-Do List
  2. 101 Things for The Have List
  3. 101 Things for The To-Be List

I have found that doing this 101- Things exercise is really stretching my own imagination and my own wants/goals/dreams which is beneficial. You will also find it to be challenging especially when you reach beyond number fifty. You will realize that after listing your 50th item, you will run out of ideas – but this is where your dreams will get wilder, bigger and almost unimaginable!  Don’t stop the exercise until you reach your last number, 101. It may take a few days or even a few weeks to complete all three of them- but it will be worth it.

Mine is still incomplete. I am constantly adding an item everytime I think of what I need to include in my lists. I do not know how long will it take me to finish my lists, but rest assured, I have already given myself a pat on the back!

– Alpha

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