Day 42: Fear

What are your fears? (Pause)




Can you list at least one of them? (Pause again)


Is it eating you up? How often? Is it everyday? Once, twice or almost every hour?

Is it that bad – that when I asked you what is your fear, you started to cringe and even shut down reading the rest of this post?

Maybe it’s your weight that you can not trim down that is making you feel ugly.

Maybe it’s your relationship with your partner/husband/wife that is pulling you down.

Maybe it’s your mortgage payments or your utility bills that are making you feel crippled.

Maybe it’s your fear of standing in front of the crowd, that is deterring you from that job promotion.

Maybe it’s your fear of being around new people that you haven’t really found a real friend, and that is making you unhappy.

Maybe it’s your fear of rats crawling under your bed, that is depriving you of quality sleep.


Are you that afraid and fearful?


You are not alone with your fears, whatever it is.

I know I have mine too. In fact, there are a lot of them.

But fears should be treated as the word itself. You should:

F- eel it

E –mbrace it

A – address it. And then you  should simply

R – elease it

This will bring you the formula of: FEAR + F.E.A.R. = Freedom!

So, no matter what it is that you are fearing, follow the steps in F.E.A.R. and then let it go along with your many other worries. Feel free to use the flush in your toilet to get rid of them at once.

– Alpha


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