Day 39: Failure

Why is it important to fail? Why do we have to fail? Why is it that behind every successful person’s paramount success, he has to experience a great downfall first before he rises to the top?

Have you failed?

How did you get back on your feet?

Can you still remember the churning of your stomach and the frustrations you’ve felt inside yourself (you feel like ripping yourself apart would be the easier solution)?

Did you feel you conquered yourself?

Did you gain more self-confidence and believe in yourself?

They say that many people remember the things that failed them and what they failed in. People remember these episodes in their lives, because they are meaningful and they have given growth and sustenance to your well-being.

I remember failing a section of the MTEL (teacher’s licensure exam in Massachusetts) for the 3rd time and I wanted to give up. I keep on telling myself that I couldn’t do it one more time. Yes, I was disappointed. I thought I was putting in enough effort to review the scope of the examination. I even thought I was not meant to be in the public schools!

However, my husband kept on pushing to go on and then, I changed my mindset. I talked and heard stories of other aspiring educators who are also failing the Foundations of Reading many more times than I had, but they too, were persistent. They were keeping their eyes peeled on the trophy. They believed in themselves, and continued to do so despite the many failures! (I remember somebody from grad school who after six years have not passed this section of the MTEL, but she is still trying.)

On my last try, I told myself that I could do it. I know I have done enough preparation for the examination that it would be a fail-proof exam. And yes, I made it! (despite paying a few hundred dollars every time I took it!)

Everyone has had their own share of failure. It could be in any aspect of our lives such as finances, education, relationship, grades, spiritual search, identity searching, looking for the purpose in life or simply in our everyday endeavor. Such similar experiences create a more significant impact in our lives. Sometimes we fail because we needed to feel the pain . Sometimes we fail because we needed to see how far can we go or if we are really willing to go as far as we can. Other times we fail, simply because we have not put in enough effort towards our aim.

We have to keep in mind that failing does not mean the end of it all; it does not mean you have to stop and then give up; it does not mean you do not have to try it again and if you fail after that, it does not mean that life is mean on you or you are simply unlucky.

What it means is that when we fail we are reminded of our greatness; of our strength; of what we can truly do and how far our patience could go.

Life is reminding us if we truly believe in ourselves and what we are trying to accomplish.

If you have failed and stopped, think about this: If Ray Kroc (founder of McDonald’s) didn’t persist in his innovative business models and didn’t carry on after his many failures, do you think we would have McDonald’s in all parts of the world?

Go on.

You can do it!

Persist – and you will win!

– Alpha


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