Day 38: Acceptance…Letting Go… Letting God

Allow me to tell you a story of bravery and strength.

There was once a woman who came to a strange country. She did not know anybody. As soon as she arrived in her adopted country, she created her own life from scratch. She started to carve out her career. She became successful. She was happy to begin with but even became happier when she met this wonderful man. Sooner or later they were married. They were blessed with a son, bought a new house and was living the life of her dreams. Her parents and her family were very proud and happy for her, until one day the unexpected happened.

Her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  With love, thoughts and sincere prayers from all the people around them, they were able to survive the first surgery of her husband’s brain tumor.  With support and care from their family and friends, her husband was able to recover. She herself,  was slowly able to get back up on her feet and stand stronger, until the discovery of yet another brain tumor in her husband’s brain. This time, a smaller one – about two inches in diameter.

Then the moment of her realization came, she wrote:

“Acceptance…letting go….letting God!”

When the heavy rains pour on you, you just have to be brave and maybe even dance under the rain.

She also wrote: “LEARN from your past but don’t live in it. PREPARE for your future but don’t live in it. NOW is the only thing we all could ever have. When you LOVE, don’t just DIE for them, LIVE for them. PRAY. FAITH is the most powerful thing that keeps us going. FAMILY is everything and FRIENDS are like mortal angels sent down from heaven. Be THANKFUL and HELP others without expecting anything in return. HAPPINESS is not constant but when it is lost, remember there is always HOPE…”

The woman behind this is a Mom, a friend, a devoted wife and a loving daughter.

She is constantly in the movement of happiness and contentment with what is going on around her. She is always ready to face whatever life will throw at her. She is living at the moment. She appreciates what is the present and does not dwell in the past nor in the future. She takes life on a day by day basis. She is loving her life, no matter what is out there for her.

She is not afraid.

She is brave and strong and faithful.

She is a dear friend of mine.

MICHAELA CRUZ-UNGOS – a woman of strength and courage.

P. S. Just a few days ago, her husband went through his second surgery in Texas. It went well. She and her family were all grateful for all the prayers, novenas and other blessings associated with the success of her husband’s surgery.


– Alpha


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