Day 37: Do you really want to?

When you are given a challenging task at work or at home or even among your circle of friends, do you grab the opportunity at that moment or do you walk away and leave the work for somebody to pick it up?

There are two questions here that will help you clarify your thoughts:

  1. Is it: can you do it?


  1. Is it: do you want it?

I bet it is not a question of your ability to do it, because I believe you can do it. In fact, you can do anything. There is no question about it.

The question is: Do you want it?

Do you want the challenge and be ready for it?

Do you want to be criticized and be ready for it?

Do you want to learn your lesson when you fail?

Do you want to stand up above the rest and start a change?

Do YOU REALLY want it?

I think you would!

– Alpha



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