Day 36: Three Lists


For today, I would like to challenge you. However, before you continue to read, you need to promise that one day this week you will set aside some time to be alone in your room

There are three lists that I would recommend everyone to start to write about. You can use any piece of paper that you like, or if you would like to be on the fancy side, you can try to get one of the Moleskines journals around (they are the best!).

I started writing my “working lists” (working, because I keep on adding and deleting some of the things I’ve written) in April, immediately after I read a section of the book by Stephen Covey entitled, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  It was through that book that challenged me to think through my purpose in life and what is the most important thing/s I would like to accomplish during my day.

One of the Habits written in the book is this: “Begin with the end in mind”.

Think for a second and ask yourself: What would you like to hear your family and your friends say at your funeral? What would be your inscription on your grave? What would you like to have done? What would you like to be?

“Begin with the end in mind”.

Think about the ending of your story.

If you are writing your own life story, how would you like your ending to be? I am sure, you’d like to be happy or maybe even extravagant. But, take this question by heart, seriously. Then, you may be able to proceed for the rest of the challenge.

There are three lists I would like you to consider doing this week (Yes, this week – no procrastinating please!). I mentioned in a previous post about keeping your goals to yourself (click here) but, if you would like to share your first two lists anonymously, please do so.

First off: The To-Do List

–          This are the things you would like to do in life before you meet the Creator. Some of the categories you might like to include are in the following areas of your life: education, recreation, family, romance, social network, food, adventure and crafts

–          Think about the host of the show, Apprentice Phil Keoghan, who at the age of 19 set out to live a life by accomplishing all the things he would like to do before he dies after experiencing a near-death situation. By far, he has accomplishment a lot of it if not, close to achieving them all. To see his Life List and to use as a tool to star your own, click here:

Second: The Have-List

–          What would you like to have? Perhaps, the two-acre land near the mountains complete with horses and a barn. Or. Maybe, the Mini-Cooper that can zip through the busy streets. Or. Yet, again the expensive collection of Hermes and Chanel bags and accessories. Whatever it is, make sure that you write them down – even if it will take days and nights to fill in this list. Use your wildest dreams. This is yours to have and will have.

Third: The To-Become-List

–          It is easier to chunk these lists into three parts, with this list for last. In my experience, when I began thinking about my to-become list, I really paused a lot. It took me longer to write down the first ten things I would like to become before I die, as compared to the first two lists above. I think, it is because this is such a huge question to myself that I began to really ask myself deeper, “what do I really want to be – when I grow up?”. It is funny how often we are asked this question throughout our life (as early as we turn two, everybody asks this question already!) yet, it is in fact, the hardest to answer.

There you are.

In a week, we will revisit your list.

And if you would like to share it, please email me or share your list on the comment section of this post.

Good luck! Happy listing!

– Alpha


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