Day 35: Do you need a resume?

“You are not your resume. You are your work.”

These are the words that I heard from Seth Godin’s audio book Linchpin. I am still on his 3rd disk, but every chapter of his audio book is amazing and I can not help but to share what I have heard so far.


“You are not your resume. You are your work.”

The people who work behind the success of Google do not need a resume to be able to prove that they can build a business out of their educational background or their certifications. They do not need to tell the world how their marketing skills and their technical knowledge can build an international business that is raking billions and billions of dollars.

Leaders do that. They do not need to have their resumes written. Their resumes are already written for them; through their work. It is what they do and how they do it that matters.

Imagine Madeline Albright looking for a job (most likely she won’t need a job, she’ll have to have a career). Madeline Albright, the first woman to become the United States Secretary of State do not need to write her resume in order to tell her prospective employers during the hiring process what she has done and what she is capable of. She does not need to be questioned about her credibility and her ability to do her job well. She has done her work already. She is worthy of her name and the job that she is mostly and adeptly, maybe exceedingly qualified for. Try looking up for her and you’ll get results- many of them.

People behind successful every business ventures – whether small start-ups or a huge corporation hire people not because of what is on their resume, but they are capable of. But above all, successful businesses and organizations hire people who work beyond what is asked of them. It is their work, beyond their resume, beyond their certifications and qualifications.

My questions: do you work in order to build a good resume? Or.

Do you work because you know it is who you are.

– Alpha

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