Day 34: Be a class act


When we think of class acts, these are actions that stand out among the rest; these are the people who prove that they are worthy of building a statue in honor of their names; these are people who have presence and when they walk you know you have to bow down and worship them. Well, not exactly literally but once you recognize the strengths of these class acts, you’ll know you’d either have to follow them and act like them.

Successful people act with class and also attract people of the same influence.

Think about Mayor Rudy Giuliani during the 9/11 attack.  Think about how he handled one of the greatest disasters in the United States in his city during that time and see how he was able to rise and stay calm despite the chaos. Think about his calmness and his ability to rise above a devastating situation. Think about him and him being a class act.

In Jack Canfield’s book, Success Principles he wrote down a few examples of class acts such as Nelson Mandela, Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington and Winston Churchills. These are the people who acknowledged their own fears, embraced what is crippling them but they were able to expand their creativity and was able to create a world of change around them.

In the same book, Jack Canfield also mentioned that one of his friends is an example of class act. Whenever Jack is invited to his house, his friend throws the most lavish party with the most sumptuous food around. He is always clothed in the finest clothes that really makes him a man of dignity. Thus, when it is Jack’s turn to throw a party, he makes sure that his house is also impeccable and that when his friend is around, he has to treat him as lavishly as he did to him.

Jack also listed ten  attributes that characterizes a class act. Here are they:

  1. Live by your own highest standards.
  2. Maintain dignity and grace under pressure.
  3. Focus and improve the behavior of others.
  4. Operate from a larger, inclusive perspective.
  5. Increase the quality of every experience.
  6. Counteract meanness, pettiness, and vulgarity.
  7. Take responsibility for actions and results.
  8. Strengthen the integrity of all situations.
  9. Expand the meaning of being human.
  10. Increase the confidence and capabilities of others.

In today’s cheap labor and the need to get things done quickly but cheaply (read: mediocrity), it is difficult to recognize an example of a class act.

But, do you know a class act? Would you recognize one?

Are you one of them?  Would you like to exemplify the characteristics of a class act?

If you do, start to do everything better. Rise to the occasion. Choose the people who surrounds you to be also class acts. Revamp yourself and be a class act.


– Alpha


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