Day 33: Take some time OFF!

It is the kiss of the sun on your cheek; of the swirl of velvety sand on your feet.

It is the soft blow of winds into your ears; or the sweet scent of ocean breeze.

It is the summer, my summer or yours.

When you can ravel under a hammock and muse about  your everyday gifts.

It is the time when you can easily kick off your shoes and go barefoot.

You can grill, you can steam, you can do anything!

Any way that you like your day to tick in,

But, just remember –

You need to take some time off!

Statistics show that almost 60% of all Americans do not take time off. People who constantly brun themselves out due to overworking are usually prone to many forms of stress which could later on manifest as illnesses.

So. Take advantage of your accrued time. You’ve earned it! It is yours – so go ahead. Book your next flight or run to the nearest beach. Whatever you feel like doing to escape, just go and leave everything behind. You’d feel recharged and you will thank yourself sooner or later!

Enjoy the sun!


– Alpha


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