Day 29: Never say NEVER!

–          Never rest on your laurels. Push yourself harder.

–          Never say you can’t. It is a deadly sin.

–          Never stop doing anything. Learn a hobby, a craft, or a new language. There are plenty of opportunities to

–          Never be crazy about that the only form of wealth is money.

–          Never laugh at how big your dreams are or your friends, or your sister, brother or uncle. No matter how big they are, never look down on their capacity to dream.

–          Never get stuck in a job that you are unhappy about even if it pays extremely well. Get out before the fire eats the whole kitchen.

–          Never stick around with people who put you down nor do not believe in you.

–          Never make success stop at you, with you or through you.

–          Never sleep at night with make-up on. Take care of your body and it will take care of you when you reach your golden age.

–          Never say NEVER!


– Alpha


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