Day 28: The Beautiful Things in Life

One of the skills  I’ve learned and eventually acquired through the years is having an eye for material things that are truly beautiful in their forms. Call it art. Or mere magnificence. Or royal (a word from Tala, which also means grandiose and uber-beautiful!). Some will say museum quality or quality craftsmanship. I say in my simplest language, a creation of beauty.

In reference to what I wrote yesterday “All Things Bright and Beautiful”, I certainly believe in each creature, plant, human being as well as products on display, in their unique splendor. Each of these things (or us) are created or manufactured to invoke the charm they  (we) possess. It is through the beholder’s eye to understand and possibly to appreciate, how the beauty inside these things speak to them. For me, when an object catches my eye I have to touch it to be able to know what they are trying to tell me.

One of the many things I do whenever I want to relax or whenever I want to escape from work and the challenges of everyday life, is to surf and look at some of my favorite “beautiful” sites.  These websites have satisfied my cravings for the things that I love and envision to have. They have also given my creative side a boost quite a bit.

I am sharing you my top ten websites, including a few bloggers that I follow. Check them out, although some of them might require memberships, but it is really worth browsing. Here are my favorites:

1. Rue La La (started in Boston) –

2. Gilt

3. Ideeli

4. Vivre (this was the first that I joined in for fashion must-haves!) –

5. Monies US Inc. (based in Dedham, MA – which I was approached when I was in the jewelry business!) –

6. Nicole Whisenhunt (Filipino-American jewelry designer whose work are featured in international fashion magazines) –

 For bloggers:

1.  Mom and Freddy’s blog:

– The woman behind this blog is a dear friend of mine. She juggles between being a full-time mother and also being a fashionista. She carries herself very well in any kind of clothing whether a rare flea-market find or a designer-labeled. Being a Mom and also a fashion maven is a tough call to follow!

2.Daphne Osena

– A multi-tasker, multi-achiever and also a Mom! She blogs about her many entrepreneurial ventures, her life as a Filipino celebrity and also her about her family.

3. Tina Enad-Tagle

– A Mom in her 4o’s who is funny yet fashionable! She has everything that every  woman longs to have – from Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Cartier to Hermes and all the more expensive clothes and accessories! She is my woman of fashion inspiration! (Addendum: She is also very approachable. I emailed her prior to this, and she responded right away. I told her I want to meet her when I go back in Manila and she wrote back, “let me know when you are in town and we could have coffee.” Isn’t she cool?)

Tell me which websites do you visit to indulge yourself in extravagance and simple beauty? Why do you love them? What do they speak to you?

– Alpha

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