Day 25: Have it your way

Yes, this is from Burker King’s famous advertising line! Does it work? Sure it does, many folds. I remember hearing the story behind this phrase and how it revolutionized the way people’s orders are being taken. When I look back, it sure does make people happier, including me.

A few days ago on our way up to NH, we stopped by a BK joint in Tilton,NH for a quick bite. As I placed our order, I asked the staff member if I could get the milk for Tala’s kiddie meal order instead of the apple juice and her reply was, “You can order anything you want. You’ll have it your way!” then, she smiled as she punched in our final order.

Looking at the previous scenario made me really think about one of the concepts in the book, The Secret  by Rhonda Bryne which I read many moons ago. In one of the chapters there, it was stated that whatever you ask the universe, the universe will respond to you the way you had formulated your question. For example, if you wanted a Haymarket Burberry bag in medium size – you must really put this exact image of this particular brand to the universe (in the form of positive thinking,affirmations, etc.) and the universe will respond back, exactly how you send out to the world.

It is like ordering food- you have to really know first what you want and then place your order. Once you have placed your order, you are going to really love what you ordered and be excited about it – after all, you’ve paid money and was craving to have your orders fulfilled perfectly!

So, if you want something – place your “order” any way you like it.

But be careful what you ask for, you might just get it.


– Alpha


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