Day 24: Dare to be Brave.


I really learned a lot during our getaway in the Mt. Washington Valley from Tala and one of them is to be awfully courageous. Of course, I went up and told her “Tala, I am so proud of you for being so courageous!” And she said, “What does that mean, Mommy?” I told her, “It means a LOT, Tala…”

To be courageous means:

1. Riding the roller coaster or the mountain coaster with your eyes wide open and observing how the roller/mountain coaster bends and straightens.

2. Taking a plunge from a 90 degree angle and trusting the machine operator that you will be fine once you hit the ground.

3. Brushing elbows with strangers and still being able to smile and saying “hi!” under the sweltering heat of the sun.

4. Hollering to the person beside you to ask for help and admitting that you do not know why your bumper car wouldn’t turn the way you want it to go.

5. Jumping up on the Bungy-ropes in front of a huge crowd who is ready to say, “WHOA” or “BOO” when you fail to do the flips.

6. Sitting up straight and tall on the back of a twenty-year old pony and still being able to appreciate the nature all around you.

7. Climbing on a beginner’s wall with bare feet – just letting your toes hit the rocks even if it meant a little callous or a scrape afterwards.

8. Being able to dip into the 120 degree hot tub, one stairwell at a time until your whole body is soaked in the heat of the water.

 But the best of all these acts of couragge  is what really came from Tala, after I almost declined her request to accompany her in the roller coaster.

 And this is what she said,  “Mama, you can do it! Don’t be afraid!”

 Be brave. Be courageous.Be like the kids. (For me, be like my own daughter, Tala)

 Even if it meant really screaming at the top of your lungs and also holding your breath for a moment.

At least, you know you’ve done it!

– Alpha

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