Day 22: Keep your goals to yourself

If you are eyeing on something, better keep it to yourself. Don’t tell anyone. Don’t let it out of your mouth. Don’t count chicks before they hatch. Better yet, just write it down on a piece of paper preferably on a 3 x 5 index card where you can carry it, but NEVER ever tell to someone until you have achieved it. Keep it to yourself, until it has become a reality.

One of the most successful self-made millionaire said in his blog, “Telling someone your goals,  makes them less likely to happen” – Derek Sivers.

And this is exactly true.

Because the moment you started telling to somebody about your plans or how you would like it to happen, the energy is being transferred from your own focus to the other person’s energy level, which could probably interfere with your own. There are also some thoughts about how other people might start distracting you from getting it or other people’s unsolicited criticisms as well as the possibility of them getting envious to you. There might also be cases of other people pulling you down because they do not want you to be successful.

So, if you do not want anybody to get in your way of success, then just keep your goals to yourself.

When the chicks have hatched, then you can definitely shout to your neighbor next door how many  of your chicks have started laying eggs for you.

– Alpha