Day 21: Thanks be to God!

When you want to cry and there’s nobody to lean on, He’ll be there to comfort you.

When you need somebody to listen to your worries, He’ll be there to sit down with you.

When you think you’ve lost everything, He is still there for you.

When you feel you are alone, He is still there with you.

Whenever you feel like you are down in the dumps, He will always be there.

When there is nobody to give you a hug, He’ll be there to wrap you around.

When life’s has told you, you can not, He’ll be there to tell you, “Get up and win it back!”

When everybody’s against you, He’ll be there to say, “I am always with you!”

Thank Him because He will never fail you!


I really admire those people who have kept their faith through thick and thin.  I love the sight of families and individuals who religiously set aside some time in their hectic schedule to go to the church every week to commune with the Lord. I respect everybody how they call their Lord in their solitary selves whether by kneeling down, putting their hands together or feeling the beads of the rosary. I honor the Monks who get up at 4:00 in the morning, to pray for everybody on earth – for all mankind’s safety, happiness and peace. I have high regard for the yogis in India or everywhere else who meditate every four hours to maintain calmness and modesty in their lives as well for the world.

I love it when I am reminded that being spiritual and being successful  always go together. Because the more that you are successful, the more that you would want to go back and honor your Father. Because He has given you everything that you have, now we are being reminded to give back what He has given you.

Whatever you received, you have become.

Now that you have become, He is waiting to hear from you. He wants you to be always aware of His blessings, of all the blessings you’ve received.

– A. M. S.