Day 20: Have balance.Live your life!

Being health-conscious is not really my forte, but my older sister’s (Aking). I am not the type of person who really counts calories as if they are money in my bank account. I do not have a nutritionist who’d tell me to do a diet journal (very far far Brooke’s character in “Last Night at Chateau Marmont”).  I am also not too particular about how many calories I’ve burned or how long I’ve exercised for a week. The closest, I have gotten to a fit lifestyle was during the first two years after I delivered Tala – and that was when I managed to drive thirty minutes away from home to go to Mama’s Move and get on to my spinning class! That was two years ago – which, after talking to Aking I felt quite guilty about not committing to a healthy, balanced and fit lifestyle!

Over the phone today, Aking told me her experiences at the surgery room and how many of their patients are young, rich and have an active social life! However, these people are being drilled inside the surgery room for one illness or the other because of their inability to balance their lifestyle – through the consumption of their food.

After talking to her, I realized I’ve got to do something specially with the exercise piece. But here is what she said in a nutshell:

  1. If you have choices as to what food to eat, go for the fruits and vegetables.
  2. Stay away from soda (She said, that made her really put on weight!). Drink water instead! Drink lots of pure water – at least eight glasses a day!
  3. Nanay (our grandmother) only eats a small dice of meat everyday. We should do the same. Less meat, more vegetables, longer life.
  4. As much as you can, stay away from fast-food joints. They are nothing but fatty! Plan your meal. Cook your own food at home.
  5. Eat slowly. Don’t rush while you eat.
  6. Consume fresh fruits.
  7. Put vegetables on your plate. Have a rainbow platter for each meal if possible.
  8. Exercise. Set aside some time on the treadmill or to move those muscles.

Thanks Aking for these advice!

– A. M. S.