Day 19: Read More in order to Earn More

Just how many of you really sit down in front of the TV and watch for hours? Just how many of you really read something that interests you, and maybe just read because you just want to? When was the last time you really curled up on the couch or on your bed just to read? Well, I can tell you mine.

Ako (I) – as you guys know love to read. That is why if there is nothing else for me to do, if it is cold and dreary or if it is rainy outside, it is so easy for me to open up a book and squeeze my nose in between the pages. I can easily get lost with the book that I am reading.

Here is a little trivia: the average American spends six hours watching TV and if by the time a person reaches the age of 60 and still keeps on the same habit of being a couch potato, he would have wasted 15 years of his life, right in front of the boobtube! Sad, but it’s true.

I hear it from Danny almost everyday how people complain as soon as their cable is out of service. It’s like life and death to some people when their TV signal gets a little fuzzy! People rely heavily on TV and other electronic devices.

So, here is the thing:

In most cases, the love of reading is correlated to early exposure to literacy. Children by nature are drawn to reading or looking at illustrations of the book. We’ve heard it from reading specialists and early childhood educators the value of reading books to our children. We’ve read it from studies and research the impact of language acquisition and the development of age-appropriate vocabulary through the power of reading. We’ve seen it and known it, that once a child learns the purpose and love for independent reading, they will soon crave for more.

Now, why did I say that if you read more, you will earn more? It is because people who have more knowledge on a specific topic has a lot more advantage that those people who don’t. It is surprisingly easy how to increase your knowledge and then substantially increase your level of success.

Here are some things that you can do to apply this principle:

  1. Start by eliminating one hour of television everyday and use that time to read anything.
  2. Take some materials to read while using the bathroom.
  3. Commuting eats up a lot of our time. The average commute of a regular worker is an hour everyday. Use this time to listen to audio books. There are plenty of audio books out there that may interest you. I have started doing this practice lately and it amazes me how much information I can learn while driving in the car, everyday!
  4. Study the lives of successful people. If you would like to be successful in a particular field, read the biographies of the people who have done it successfully and follow the path they’ve already created. Learn from their mistakes.
  5. Learn to read faster by reading more. Imagine just how many books you can read if you read faster. By increasing your knowledge on your field of expertise, you are increasing your marketability and sooner your own profitability.

Enjoy reading!

– A. M. S.